Missouri Widows Sons

The Widows Sons Masonic Motorcycle Association is an internationally based association of Master Masons, who are joined together by a common passion....Motorcycling.

About Us

The Widows Sons Motorcycle Association is an international based association of Master Masons who are joined together by two common passions.... Masonry and motorcycling. Since it's inception in 1998 with the initial intention to offer aid and assistance to Masonic Widows and Orphans has become the fastest growing Masonic organization in the world. Its charitable assistance has now grown to include others who are in need including our US Military and families. There are chapters in the US, Canada, UK, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Scotland along with several others. None of which are affiliated with the Outlaw Motorcycle Club society.

The Missouri Widows Sons prides itself on its charitable duties and strong belief in our Masonic Obligations. We support our Masonic lodges by providing a positive outlet for riding with like minded brethren, encouraging active participation in our lodges, supporting lodge activities, and promoting Freemasonry within the motorcycle community.

Just over twenty chapters in Missouri that are very diverse with members from various regions, lodges with various types of motorcycles. Our members consist of Past Masters, Masters, DDGMs, a PR member at Grand Lodge, various positions within the lodge and Veterans, as members of the Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite, York Rite and the Shrine.

Each Widows Sons chapter sponsors or participates in local charity runs or events. In all cases, we strive to present a positive image of Freemasonry and our Association to the public. Recently, the chapter in St Charles sponsored their first Toy Drive for the Shriner's Hospital for Children � St Louis. Collecting over 4 vans filled with toys for the kids. The Poplar Bluff Chapter helped with the Bloomfield Veterans Memorial Day Service and has presented donations to various organizations. The Cape Girardeau Chapter has raised money for the Masonic Children's Home in Illinois and a woman's shelter in Missouri. The Neosho Chapter has donated to their local DeMolay. The Springfield Chapter has assisted the Patriot Guard in Flag Lines for Funerals and Flights of Honor for our Fallen Soldiers. In Waynesville, our Chapter has raised money for Rite Care and Children with Autism. Our Kansas City chapters traveled to Kansas to lead the Flame of Hope Special Olympics Ride. The Knights Templar and 5 Points chapters have also assisted with the Lee's Summit Social Services Fireworks stand and Firewood for Families. All of our Chapters have assisted with MoChip events, Lodge and Shriner's fund raisers such as Charity Rides and Toy Runs. Some have made donations to their local lodges and the Missouri Grand Lodge funds. And on several occasions we have given donations or organized fund raisers for some member's families who have met with unforeseen medical expenses, natural disaster, family needs and even Death. We are continuing to grow our contributions year after year.

The patch of the Missouri Widows Sons that is worn by our active members comprise of various Masonic symbols, the words Widows Sons, and the name of our local Chapter. We also wear a square and compass patch to denote our personal fraternal affiliation. Other state chapter members may wear a slightly different patch depending on their local customs, but all use the words Widows Sons and proudly display the Square and Compass. We also have a Lady's Patch specially designed for Wives or significant others to show affiliation and support.

We do not intend to speak for or represent any specific Masonic body. We are simply a Riding Association of Master Masons. We require that members act as Master Masons and uphold our obligations at all times. Sharing in Brotherly Love on the road as well as in the Lodge.