Missouri Widows Sons

The Widows Sons Masonic Motorcycle Association is an internationally based association of Master Masons, who are joined together by a common passion....Motorcycling.

Chapters in Missouri

Contact the person listed for chapter information:

1307 - St. Louis
Steve Kracht
(314) 341-6242

3-5-7 - Kansas City
Ryland Gosoroski
(816) 263-1117

Born In Blood - Bonne Terre
James Guise
(573) 366-0931

Brethren of the Mystic Tie - Springfield
Roger Eckley
(417) 425-9794

Brothers First - Lebanon
David Simmons
(602) 309-6119

Genesis - Kearney
Kris Shaw

Hiram's Horde - Sullivan
Brad Pfeifer
(573) 259-8896

Hiram's Travelers - Buffalo
Marty Chappell
(417) 733-5791

Iron Wardens - Jonesburg
Billy McClain
(636) 240-0196

Knights Templer - Kansas City
Trenton Kelly
(816) 804-6819

Men of Tyre - Naylor
Robby Holland
(573) 660-0606

Northeast Corner - Brock
Stacy Westhoff
(660) 216-2716

Raised From the Grave - Joplin
J. H. Lawson
(417) 825-5611

Raised Mountain Travelers - Branson
Roy Woolstrom
(417) 294-4280

Raised Riders - Waynesville
Wayne Schmid
(573) 528-2998

Rawhide Knights - Sedalia
Tony Mileham
(660) 596-3798

Solomons Tribe - Lebenon
Rick Starky
(417) 533-4845

Sons of Light - Vandalia
Mike Colwell
(573) 253-5205

Sublime Knights - St. Charles
Bobby Choate
(636) 359-5749

Templar Riders - Walnut Grove
Michael Langowski
(417) 942-9209

Throttle Masters - Columbia
Anthony Ward
(573) 819-1255

Tylers Sword - Cape Girardeau
Jim Edmonds
(573) 382-59778

Forming Your Own Local Chapters:

To form your own local Affiliated Chapter, you will need to assemble a minimum of 5 or 6 Master Masons who own a motorcycle. You will then elect or appoint your officers which will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Guardian of Membership, and Sergeant at Arms. In cases where you only have 5 brothers to start your chapter, the Guardian of Membership may also serve as the Sergeant at Arms until you have had a chance to build your membership.

Associate or local chapters have the opportunity to select a unique name for their chapters. Some names that other associate chapters have selected in other states are: Hiram's Wheels, Knights of the East, The Ruffians, The Low Twelve Riders, Knights of Solomon, The Ashlars, etc. You can be imaginative and select a name with Masonic connotations, or name your chapter according to the town or county you reside in.

You will need to complete a set of by-laws that meet the approval of the State Officers Board. Please see the Missouri State by-laws for an example or starting point.

After your chapter by-laws have been written and approved by the State Officers Board a charter may be granted and full patch status will be allowed. On your riding vests or jackets, you may then wear, in addition to the center Widows Sons logo, a Chapter Name rocker. Logo patches and rockers may be ordered through the Missouri State Officers Board.

If you are interested in forming your own local or associate chapter contact Rich "Ranger" Matters.